Crisp Clean


Hand Held bathroom Scrubber

All Purpose Cleaning Brush with Ergonomical Handle Household Handheld Lightweight Sponge Scrubber for Bathroom

USE ANYWHERE – brush is not just limited to being a floor brush. With its tough bristles, you can use it as a pool brush – allowing you to get rid of algae from pool walls, a kitchen sink cleaner – to get rid of grease and grime, bathroom brush – keeping those spaces between floor tiles clean, tub scrubber – to keep your bathtub free from soap build-up, and can even be used as a radiator cleaner to get rid of dried up motor oil.

ERGONOMIC GRIP DESIGN – Using a manual tile cleaner brush is hard work. And that is why we specifically made the handle of our tile scrubber brush as ergonomic as possible. The handle is ergonomically shaped, allowing for a much better grip, while making it much easier, and more comfortable to use.

Premium Quality Material: This scrub brush made of durable fiber, soft and absorbent, powerful scrubbing side helps tackle tough stains, effectively removes stubborn dirt, rubbing without deformation, the sponge will not harm the surface, the stiff sponge bristles firmly attached to brush head, making it easy for you to apply pressure for heavy duty cleaning, and the brush is not easy to fall off.

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